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Grey by E L James


E L James

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The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian

Andy Weir

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Truth or Die by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

Truth or Die

James Patterson & Howard Roughan

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All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

Anthony Doerr

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The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale

Kristin Hannah

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The Insider Threat by Brad Taylor

The Insider Threat

Brad Taylor

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Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Fifty Shades Darker

E L James

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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Dark Places

Gillian Flynn

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Never Been Ready by J.L. Berg

Never Been Ready

J.L. Berg

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The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark

The Melody Lingers On

Mary Higgins Clark

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Lamentation by Joe Clifford


Joe Clifford

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Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

Fifty Shades Freed

E L James

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Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Finders Keepers

Stephen King

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In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

In the Unlikely Event

Judy Blume

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The President's Shadow by Brad Meltzer

The President's Shadow

Brad Meltzer

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Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Fifty Shades of Grey

E L James

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Memory Man by David Baldacci

Memory Man

David Baldacci

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Country by Danielle Steel


Danielle Steel

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New Release....

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing. Despite constant efforts to declutter your home, do papers still accumulate like snowdrifts and clothes pile up like a tangled mess of noodles? Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever...

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White Dwarf Issue 75: 04th July 2015 by White Dwarf

White Dwarf 75 cometh and with it Warhammer Age of Sigmar! They were the End Times. The world-that-was is gone. The Age of Myth is passed. The Mortal Realms endure an Age of Chaos and yet hope remains… That’s right, at long last, White Dwarf 75 arrives to usher in the Age of Sigmar. And how else could we celebrate but with an extra-size issue celebrating this thrilling new era?  We offer the essential introduction to this bold new age of eternal war with a fascinating exploration of the Age of Sigmar: what happened between the End Times and the first strike of the Stormcast Eternals? Who are the forces of Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction? And what now for the former inhabitants of the Broken World? Find out in issue 75 of White Dwarf, which also contains your first in-depth look at the new Stormcast Eternals, the Khorne Goretide and the simply incredible new starter set, including comprehensive guides on how to assemble and paint the contents of the box...

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Codex: Dark Angels (Enhanced Edition) by Games Workshop

The First Legion of old, the Dark Angels have fought in the Emperor’s name for ten thousand years. Yet within the shrouded ranks of the Chapter there lurks an ancient secret, one so terrible that should it ever be revealed it would mean damnation for the Chapter.   Codex: Dark Angels is your comprehensive guide to the secrets of the Unforgiven. Inside you will learn about their history, their heroes and their hidden mission. You will also find a showcase featuring the full range of stunning Dark Angels Citadel Miniatures, as well as comprehensive rules that allow you to forge your collection into a powerful army in your games of Warhammer 40,000...

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo - A 15-minute Summary & Analysis by Instaread

PLEASE NOTE: This is a  summary and analysis  of the book and NOT the original book.  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo - A 15-minute Summary & Analysis   Inside this Instaread: Summary of entire book, Introduction to the important people in the book, Key Takeaways and Analysis of the Key Takeaways. Preview of this Instaread:   Marie Kondo is a Japanese consultant specializing in tidying. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo shares her simple method of tidying along with a wealth of insights into clutter, including what causes it and what types exist. Kondo also shares her own personal history and how that history led her to develop and refine her tidying method, referred to throughout the book as the KonMari Method...

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White Dwarf Issue 74: 27th June 2015 by White Dwarf

A new age approaches and White Dwarf 74 looks back at 30 years of Warhammer! Elsewhere, the Eldar swoop in with a new Windrider Battlehost, we play through last week’s exclusive new mission in Hunt the Fallen, and we’ve got something very blue in Army of the Month. As ever, we’ve also got all the latest releases from Forge World and Black Library, and a raft of tidbits and strange happenings in The Week in White Dwarf. So, with one era drawing to a close and another soon to begin, grab a copy of White Dwarf 74 now and join us in celebrating all that has gone before, and ushering in all that is soon now to come… About the series  White Dwarf is Games Workshop's weekly magazine, and boasts a wealth of great content, from the latest new releases to modelling and painting guides, gaming features, new rules and much more besides.

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The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition) by Monks of New Skete

For more than thirty years the Monks of New Skete have been among America's most trusted authorities on dog training, canine behavior, and the animal/human bond. In their two now-classic bestsellers, How to be Your Dog's Best Friend and The Art of Raising a Puppy, the Monks draw on their experience as long-time breeders of German shepherds and as trainers of dogs of all breeds to provide--brilliantly distilled--the indispensable information and advice that every dog owner needs. This new edition of The Art of Raising a Puppy features new photographs throughout, along with updated chapters on play, crating, adopting dogs from shelters and rescue organizations, raising dogs in an urban environment, and the latest developments in canine health and canine behavioral theory.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Painting Guide (Tablet Edition) by Games Workshop

A new age of war dawns across the Mortal Realms. Lightning streaks down from the skies, carrying with it Sigmar’s mighty Stormcast Eternals. Arrayed against them are the Khorne Bloodbound. These depraved worshippers of Chaos thirst for gore and hunger for the skulls of their foes.   The  Warhammer Age of Sigmar Painting Guide  is a comprehensive guide to painting the contents of the Age of Sigmar boxed set in the colours of the Hammers of Sigmar and the Goretide. Inside you will find step-by-step instructions for painting the following models: The Hammers of Sigmar • Lord-Celestant on Dracoth • Lord-Relictor • Liberator • Retributor • Prosecutor The Goretide • Mighty Lord of Khorne • Bloodsecrator • Bloodstoker • Khorgorath • Blood Warrior • Blood Reaver This Tablet Edition is designed for your iPad...

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How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan & Melissa Jo Peltier

From the bestselling author and star of National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer , the only resource you’ll need for raising a happy, healthy dog. For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives–as well as those who have already brought a dog home–Cesar Millan, the preeminent dog behavior expert, says, "Yes, you can raise the perfect dog!" It all starts with the proper foundation in the early years. Here, Cesar tells you everything you need to know to create the best environment for a well-balanced dog in order to avoid behavior issues in the future, and shows you how to correct the most common behavior issues for young dogs...

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